[Devlog] Moving to the new website


Hello! Welcome to our new devlog, *ahem* in the new shiny website. Previously in the old devlog at blogger: http://nusakana.blogspot.com/ I’ve stated the reason why we move on to this new website, so if you curious why, you can head on there and visit the blogger site for the last time.

Anyway, let’s talk a little about this new site. So who is Studio Namaapa? Is it some big bad company that take over the old Nusakana devs? Not really! In fact it is us! Me, Num (because numfanklewhat as a nickname is too long and hard to pronounce) and wltr3565. We decided to form “Studio Namaapa” as an independent game studio and a place to showcase our works. We have started to think that after Nusakana is completed, we want to make other games too, so a kind of “central homepage” and “a studio” is needed as our basecamp, some sort of that stuff.

I also want to apologize that recently I’ve become very busy both IRL and focusing on development of Nusakana, so it seems that there is less and less update whether in the old blogger or in the social media like facebook and twitter. But don’t worry I’ll stay in touch with you guys, I also promised about the new character bio and info on the greenlight update, but haven’t yet delivered, I’m really sorry! Though it is delayed, I will eventually make and post it later.

For those wondering about Nusakana development, it is alive and well. Though there are lack of updates since we are close to release, hopefully at June this year! Thank you for reading and have a nice day!