[Devlog] Character Bio: Rain

Hi it’s me again, Num, for weekly Nusakana’s character bio. Today we will discuss about another less known character, with equally less artwork drawn by me.

design sheet rain

So Rain, yeah rain… Why Rain? Actually it’s not a random name, but a name inspired by “fish”. Most of Nusakana’s characters name is inspired by “fish name”, like last week character name, “Sal”. Guess what fish it is inspired from? Yep, it’s a Sal-mon. And how about Rain? It’s really easy to guess, since her hair color is a given, a rainbow color. So Rain’s name is taken from Rain-bow trout, and so does her design in a way, I colored her hair with various color to make it looks like a rainbow. Aside from name, there is no relation whatsoever between the fish and character unless for a few exception, since the game theme is fishing and island, I just like the idea of having a subtle, fish inspired name for the various characters.



In the game, Rain is one of recruitable characters you can add to your party. She is a playful but really materialistic character that will always find a chance to manipulate you and take your shiny, most prized belongings such as treasure and *ehm* money. While she actually mean no harm to you and doing it just for the thrill and fun, her bad habit can be detrimental sometimes. She has a knack for treasure and rare items and can always be found lurking in the jungle searching for them, or “manipulating” adventurers and explorers to search it for her. Her manipulation skills is further assisted by her magical ability to make people forget about her and what she did to them. Will she changed her way with a chance meeting with the main character in the game? That’s for you to decide.



While she looks a bit weak and not suited for physical conflict, she can actually fight and help you in battle. Though with a sloppy fighting style and less damage than any other stronger, fit for fighting characters. To compensate for this she has a potent magical ability and may inflict moderate damage using magic attack. Her passive skills also help any other female character in the game immune to being targeted by the enemy. A bit useless at a glance but you can exploit her ability by buffing the MC’s defense as a tank while using the other female character as a damage dealer against hard hitting enemy.

That is all for this week characters bio, see you in the next week and thank you for reading our devlog!