[Devlog] Character Bio: Sal

In an announcement in the past (at the #2 Greenlight announcement to be precise), I’ve talked about including the character bios and design alongside the development at the devlog. Though due to circumstances, it got delayed but here it is! I’ll try to continue posting them regularly at least weekly.

design sheet sal Let’s start with the less known character, Sal. When I first designed her, the overall concept is martial arts girl. I want to make some unique characters utilizing the martial arts girl trope, which is usually dominated by a slender, asian-looking characters, with exotic martial arts style. With that in mind, I started to think, let’s make a completely different looking characters from the usual trope, so I swap the ‘must-be-asian-looking’ girl rule to a caucasian girl with blond hair and blue eyes, and a busty one too at that. And there you have it. Though, later I realize that this style is not so unique… There is already a popular character similar to this, like, for example Cammy from Street Fighter haha.
In the game, Sal is a martial arts enthusiast, she is pursuing his dreams to be the best martial artist and can always be seen training alone deep in the forest. Never have studied under a master or any other martial arts style, she is a self-taught martial artist, her style is very rough but it did have a grace. Nobody understand her reasoning, she also seems really clueless about it too. All that she knows is only to be the best. Though things starting to change when she met the main characters, and another martial artist.

She has a reckless, blunt personality and a strong determination. This is also portrayed with her unique fighting skills that sacrifice her hitpoints for more damage against the enemy.

Well, that’s for the first character’s bios or a digest probably. See you in the next week for another character bios!