[Devlog] Character Bio: Delphi

Yo. wltr3565 here. numfank’s being too tired to write this week’s character bio weekly, so I’ll do the job now. Nusakana has a plethora of heroines here, so meet Delphi, the scanner. The sketch below is numfank’s work, of course.

design sheet delphi

Her design and prowess is based on dolphins. Well, dolphins are known to have the smarts, aren’t they? Thus, we give her smarty looks with real smartness. And well, isn’t she adorable? I do think she’s several steps closer to look nerdy. But her habits and needs state otherwise. We packed her with exploration gear instead by giving her a satchel and uh… short skirt one piece. Why such a costume…? Her earlier version of outfit is considered very risque, so numfank revised her outfit. Hope he’s designed what’s inside her skirt already! Let’s pray he chose something proper for her!


Of course she’s one of the available party members. She tends to be a loner for several reasons. But hey, she needs privacy to focus. Is it the best, though? No matter how good are her brains, she’s still a person who needs some social interaction. Her favorite object to serve are wild animals, and books provide bare minimum for that. Ha, no wonder she doesn’t stay at the village that often… No one can be sure when her curiosity will run out.


Oh yeah, her fighting prowess… Hahaha… Let’s be honest, she’s more useful as a support than punching straight on, thanks to her ability to scan enemies. The number of HP left of your enemy will be important to know when they’ll call it quits, I know. Still… the others do give you straight combat benefits. Hmm… Let her scan, or let the others beef you up instead? Being used with the wilds, she knows how to minimize damage as much as she could, and thanks to her small frame too, let’s say she’s easy to graze hits. But she’s not used with dealing magical damages. Watch out for spellcasters here. Lastly, her offense. Hmm, better trust her magical prowess (ironic, huh?). She can muster all elements available. Pretty handy! Still, I know you guys will just use her to scan instead.

I think that’s all for now. Catch ya all later! And excuse me, I should go back working on the cutscenes… Thanks for reading!