[Devlog] Preparing for Nusakana release


After almost 3 month of absent on the devlog, here’s our newest post, hopefully this will be the last devlog before our release, this is a log from wltr3565, the programmer, since he doesn’t have access to the admin page to post on his own, I will be posting his log on my behalf. ~num

Yo. wltr3565 here. Hahaha, sorry for our VERY lack of updates lately. You know, we’re busy making the game ready for you guys… This little game of ours already became a 30+ hours behemoth now. We need to clean the game up before it’s gold.

The game is expected to release at around the end of September. The price itself is estimated to be around 15$, but it still can change. Before then, please be patient! Oh, of course we’ll put up some screenshots.

We’ve added so much things like Flily’s flying (for fast traveling) and most of the endings. And yes, it’s been a hell in that 3 month span. This is what you get from making an open world game where you can have 19 heroines, especially dialogue conflicts and even the credits roll. Sheesh!

We’ve implemented the sidequests and optional bosses as well. The bosses are mostly based on Indonesian lore… Well, the best is to see them yourself 


flily_01 flily_02
flily_03 ss_bn

That’s all for now. Catch you all later!