[Ciel Devlog #02] Boneless Chicken Avocado

Yo. wltr3565 here. Boy, it has been so long since I can get back to work again! I really, really regretted my decision to attend college. It has made my life miserable. If you want to have a business about making games, you better never flirt with someone that spits upon entertainment. You’ll hate them, your avocado will hate them, even a boneless chicken avocado won’t have any appetite upon meeting one. Seriously, such people better cease to exist.

Where was I again? Ah, Ciel Fledge’s development. Me, the main programmer, have gained full-time work again. I’d say that we’re gaining momentum of the development once more. At this moment though, we’re currently re-working several interfaces. Numfank pretty disliked the old design. Well, at least the new designs are certainly better.

The re-working mainly focus on making things more streamlined interface-wise. The game isn’t a stale, rigid-looking 4X game, but a colorful cheery raising action puzzle game. We put a plenty much of effort at such parts.

I’d like to draw an artwork in occasion of each new log I write, actually. But I’m still kinda busy despite the hell has been calming down. This is it for now. Bye-cha!