[Ciel Devlog #18] Kickstarter Launched! Plus, Some Content Updates

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Heya. wltr3565 here. Big news for everyone:

We have launched the Kickstarter for Ciel Fledge!


It’s mainly to gain funds for audio department. Notably vocals, BGM quality, and last but not least, some degree of voice acting, for the best immersion possible. Check it out and any help like sharing / retweeting the Kickstarter is appreciated!

While at it, let me present you some updates for the game. As per director’s request, we have made the game to show up the Option screen when you enter a New Game, just to make sure you don’t forget to set up the game to your liking.

Also, the game is at its best when you’re in a battle, so we have added more new Battles in the mix!

– Acting Class
It’s an audition, so impress the judge and get their attention! They tend to not look at you in several moments, so mind your timing.

– Swimming
Swimming is about endurance, so why don’t you improve it by attacking the sandbag until it submits? It recovers itself, so you will want to attack it non-stop.

That’s all for now. Also, for today, I showcased numfank’s illustration instead, to commerate our Kickstarter launch too.

Well then, see you next time!