[Ciel Devlog #31] Tutorials Remade

Hello everyone! RikuoTanaka here, bringing you the latest devlog.
It’s been a while since I posted one now, does it?

Development of Ciel Fledge still continues to this day.
Let’s just get into it, shall we?

After reviewing numerous feedbacks, we realize that most players who played the demo stopped
playing before finishing the tutorials that are placed for the first few weeks in the game.

Therefore, we have decided to revamp the tutorials. Specifically, their timing of appearance.
Tutorials will now only appear when you access a menu for the first time, making them unobtrusive to the game.
Here is an example:

Several tweaks are also made to make the tutorials feel less lengthy than before.
This will improve the pacing of the game. You will no longer get bored after finishing several tutorials.

We also added a little shortcut in the Schedule Menu:

A shortcut for the Next Week button.

You can now press a button to make the cursor hover to the Next Week button instantly.

More contents are being added to the game as well. Here’s a little tease:

More variety of shops!

That’s all for this week’s devlog! It might not be much, but trust me, there is more to come.

This is RikuoTanaka, signing out! Have a good day!