[Devlog] Character Bio: Sal

In an announcement in the past (at the #2 Greenlight announcement to be precise), I’ve talked about including the character bios and design alongside the development at the devlog. Though due to circumstances, it got delayed but here it is! I’ll try to continue posting them regularly at least weekly.

design sheet sal Let’s start with the less known character, Sal. When I first designed her, the overall concept is martial arts girl. I want to make some unique characters utilizing the martial arts girl trope, which is usually dominated by a slender, asian-looking characters, with exotic martial arts style. With that in mind, I started to think, let’s make a completely different looking characters from the usual trope, so I swap the ‘must-be-asian-looking’ girl rule to a caucasian girl with blond hair and blue eyes, and a busty one too at that. And there you have it. Though, later I realize that this style is not so unique… There is already a popular character similar to this, like, for example Cammy from Street Fighter haha.
In the game, Sal is a martial arts enthusiast, she is pursuing his dreams to be the best martial artist and can always be seen training alone deep in the forest. Never have studied under a master or any other martial arts style, she is a self-taught martial artist, her style is very rough but it did have a grace. Nobody understand her reasoning, she also seems really clueless about it too. All that she knows is only to be the best. Though things starting to change when she met the main characters, and another martial artist.

She has a reckless, blunt personality and a strong determination. This is also portrayed with her unique fighting skills that sacrifice her hitpoints for more damage against the enemy.

Well, that’s for the first character’s bios or a digest probably. See you in the next week for another character bios!

Nusakana Goes MANLY!

Today we are proudly announcing the change on Nusakana’s art direction. Now featuring 200% more muscle and manliness. Explore the island and fight wild beast with your shiny steel biceps and washboard abs!


Adorn your manly self with 20 muscle-bound ladies and be the manliest gang on the island!

nusakanoken 2

Use your manly fist and awesome power to fight against evil deadly creatures such as… The death snail from the abyss of the forest!

You will no longer be a fisherman, who wants to be a fisherman when you have such faboluous muscles and equally fabulous muscle-bound companion? It’s time to conquer the island with your manliness!










P.S.: Not for the faint hearted. Happy April Fools, folks.

[Devlog] Moving to the new website


Hello! Welcome to our new devlog, *ahem* in the new shiny website. Previously in the old devlog at blogger: http://nusakana.blogspot.com/ I’ve stated the reason why we move on to this new website, so if you curious why, you can head on there and visit the blogger site for the last time.

Anyway, let’s talk a little about this new site. So who is Studio Namaapa? Is it some big bad company that take over the old Nusakana devs? Not really! In fact it is us! Me, Num (because numfanklewhat as a nickname is too long and hard to pronounce) and wltr3565. We decided to form “Studio Namaapa” as an independent game studio and a place to showcase our works. We have started to think that after Nusakana is completed, we want to make other games too, so a kind of “central homepage” and “a studio” is needed as our basecamp, some sort of that stuff.

I also want to apologize that recently I’ve become very busy both IRL and focusing on development of Nusakana, so it seems that there is less and less update whether in the old blogger or in the social media like facebook and twitter. But don’t worry I’ll stay in touch with you guys, I also promised about the new character bio and info on the greenlight update, but haven’t yet delivered, I’m really sorry! Though it is delayed, I will eventually make and post it later.

For those wondering about Nusakana development, it is alive and well. Though there are lack of updates since we are close to release, hopefully at June this year! Thank you for reading and have a nice day!



New Website!

Hi everyone, welcome to our new website. After years of only using social media and other free blog website, it’s about time we have a website that we can call home. At first we are starting with a blog in blogger for Nusakana development, over the time, our team become more solid, and we form an independent game studio called Studio Namaapa, to be more professional and as a place for people to get to know us better, we decided that an official website is necessary, so here we are. Here you can find our latest works, who we really are, and a press kit for people who are curious or need it.