[Ciel Devlog #26] Main Story and Voice Acting Progress

Heya, wltr3565 here. The game’s content implementation is currently going rather well. We have completed the writing and implementation of the cutscenes for the Main Story. We have already implemented the cutscenes for all the Activities too.

About the Main Story, we can’t show you any visuals of it because, yes, spoilers. But we can tease you about 1 thing: This game will have a True Ending and Final Boss.

This Final Boss, however, is not necessary to be defeated to clear the game and see your Ciel’s fate after the 10 (in-game) years of journey with her. But this True Ending will affect your Ciel’s fate too, unlocking more possibilities for the ending. Taking down this Final Boss will be a difficult challenge, though, so it’s not for the faint of heart. Are you ready to raise her to be capable of breaking the chains of fate?

Speaking of the progress of Voice Acting, the voice lines for Ciel are currently being recorded. The voice actress is doing a good job for the performance. Although because of the circumstances (especially Ramadhan), the progress is rather sluggish. But the lines should be ready in no time.

Regarding the voices for the NPCs, we’re still finding the right voice actors/actresses. When the time is right, we will show you some samples of the voices.


The progress of the Background illustrations is getting along well. The ones above are for both the Hospital and Pet Shop. Yes, there will be some Activities that are set within either the two of them.

That’s all for now. Bye!

Don’t forget to join our discord channel if you want to hang out and chat with the developers! – https://discord.gg/KywHrWV

[Ciel Devlog #25] Back To Devlog

Hi everyone, num here. It’s been a while since any devlog was posted. The original plan was having a twice a month devlog to track development and also with an added benefit to hone our writing skills. Unfortunately, the schedule is quite messed up last month since we have to prepare for and run the campaign. With the campaign ends up successfully now the team will be back to our usual development schedule.

Development Progress During The Campaign

While in the previous devlog we always feature some sort of picture or gifs of anything new in the development. During the month, I focused into writing the main story line content instead. So there is not much to show in the graphic side, aside of 1-2 new backgrounds. That’s right, aside on working on the design and graphical side, I’m also the main writer for Ciel Fledge. To put it into a perspective, despite the name “studio” we are not really a studio to speak, the core development team consists of me and wltr3565 (wltr3565 is responsible for the programming side and also a co-writer) with the help of an assistant programmer and a dedicated composer (which is also helping to proofread the writing). So you can imagine the amount of work we currently undertake.

With the main storyline content almost complete. I can focus more on the graphical and design part of the development, which I’m happy to be back. Almost all of the graphical content currently focused on Ciel’s child section, next time I will make sure that her teen and adult section get some spotlight!

What we are doing now

We are back in the development full speed right now. On the graphical side, works continues on graphic assets for chapter 2 and 3 (Ciel’s teen and adult years). I’ve been designing and creating some of Ciel’s default outfit for teen and adult with more in progress to come. Here are some example of Ciel’s teen default outfit that can be mix and matched with each other.

Variety of Ciel Teen outfits.

On the programming side. wltr3565 is implementing all the writings to in-game cut scenes and events. With the amount of writings, it will take a while before it’s all finished. That aside, I’ve also been in contact with various voice actor/actress and hopefully we will start begin working with them in the coming weeks!

For all the Kickstarter backers, especially those on Item Designer and Fashion Designer tier, we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss and start designing and creating your rewards after the bureaucracy with Kickstarter is done.

Thank you for reading and see you in the next devlog!


[Demo Release] Ciel Fledge Alpha 5 Demo

Ciel Fledge Alpha 5 demo is here!

This demo contain a balancing overhaul for how stamina is being used in activities/jobs and how skipping encounter works. Ciel’s stamina will no longer replenish each week now to prevent activity/job spamming when her stamina is high enough, so you must pay attention to her schedule better by utilizing rest and item usage in-between schedule better.

Skipping encounter will not incur massive penalties now. Instead it does nothing, while accepting and doing encounter will net you more benefit in terms of stats increase and item “loot”.

Basic trait system has also been added, although it’s still in the works. You can access trait on Child > Status > Traits

Just like the previous demo, the demo will run up to year 2 month 4 week 2.

Feedbacks and critiques are welcome, you can also chat with us directly about the game in our discord channel here: https://discord.gg/yvecEAn

We are also running a Kickstarter campaign right now to help fund some of the development cost, if you are interested, you can visit the Kickstarter campaign page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1878957206/ciel-fledge-a-daughter-raising-sim-game?ref=1c7iuv


The demo can be downloaded here:

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/738270/

itch.io: https://studio-namaapa.itch.io/ciel-fledge

Gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/cielfledge/278287

[Ciel Devlog #24] Traits with a Grain of Holidays

Hi. wltr3565 here. alpha 0.4 demo was out, and you guys must be wondering about the new things that have been implemented but are yet to be explained within the devlog.  Well, here we go!

Firstly, have you guys noticed that her HUD circle can change color?

We have implemented a way to tell her actual willingness to do anything! When it’s green, she will not Skip anything at all. But yellow and red will tell you that she may Skip the activities. Make sure to keep her Discipline high!

Also, we have added colors to numbers in battle whenever they increase or decrease. It will help you to see if things are increasing or decreasing while in the heat of Battle.

Also, have you guys seen the Administration? Nope? Haven’t gone that far within the game, huh? We have made a lot of new backgrounds to make the scene there as great as it can be! Here is one of them:

Where is the rest? Well, we can’t show spoilers. So it will be best for you to play the alpha 0.4 now, don’t you think?

Not only that, we have done remaking the visuals of the Airbase and Business District. What do you guys think?

The new Airbase

The new Business District.

Remember about the Calendar and the dates that got marked? When you enter that day, you and she will do the Holiday instead. We intend to do more about it, but for now, they’re still glorified Rests.

Last but not least, we’re going to show you guys Traits.

As she gains Traits, she will gain many effects. It can affect many things. From her Activities, how much money she will gain, her health, and most importantly, how she will fight in Battles. For example, with the right Traits, it will be possible for her to have all of her Yellow Cards to be turned into Green Cards. You will want to gain as many Traits as possible, but some Traits may give undesirable effects, so keep an eye on what Traits you want her to have!

How to make her learn Traits, though? Simple! Raise her Skills! As she fills the Focus Tree, she will gain more Traits. There are other ways to gain new Traits, like her figure relative to her age, but most Traits will be gained by raising her Skills, which is done by having her participate in Activities. Make sure to keep track what she has become!

You can give her Traits not only from having her learn them. What she wears will determine the Traits she can use too. It does feel good to make her look as good as possible, but as a responsible parent, you will want her to be at her best when the situation calls. Of course, the effects of the Traits gained from Equipment will be gone when she doesn’t wear it anymore. Choose her attire wisely… When required.

That’s all we can tell for now. See you later!

[Demo Release] Ciel Fledge Alpha 4 Demo

A new Alpha 4 demo for Ciel Fledge has been released!

This demo will represent a release candidate for the full version of the game with almost all the UI elements fixed without any further changes.

Among all the noticeable changes from the previous version are the inclusion of calendar system in the game so player can track days and weeks more easily, and also an overhaul of the Stamina system which now not solely rely on your daughter STR stats anymore.

The demo will run up to year 2 month 4 week 2, with additional events to experience compared to the last Alpha 3 demo.

Feedbacks and critiques are welcome, you can also chat with us directly about the game in our discord channel here: https://discord.gg/yvecEAn

We are also planning to do a kickstarter campaign to help raise fund for the game development at around march this year, if you are interested to support us, you can subscribe to our newsletter here to be notified when the kickstarter campaign start: http://bit.ly/cielnews


The demo can be downloaded here:

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/738270/

itch.io: https://studio-namaapa.itch.io/ciel-fledge

Gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/cielfledge/278287


========= 21 February 2018 ==================
- Fixed several bugs
- Several Traits have been added, although there is no interface to view available ones yet.
- Demo time has been extended to Year 2 Month 4 Week 2. This includes new cutscenes.
- Several background and visual overhaul
- Calendar has been added in the Pause menu.
- Holidays have been implemented, where the Activity within that day will be forced into Rest.

========= 15 January 2018 ===================
- Max Stamina now is factored with other Main Stats, not exclusively dependent on Strength.
- Fixed several bugs.

========= 05 January 2018 ===================
- Spoil will now cost 500 Money by the start of the Week Progress. This Player Schedule will not be usable if the money is insufficient.
- New Option: Encounter Interaction Time-Out has been added. This sets the command that will be chosen if you let the Encounter to wait for too long.
- Schedule interface has been revamped.
- Several illustrations has been replaced including Room backgrounds.
- Spoil now will decrease Stress by 10 for each passing day, but Discipline will decrease by 5 for each passing day as well.
- Skipping Encounters will decrease the Friendship of the NPCs participating within that Encounter.
- Skipping Encounters will increase Discipline, but only if there is any NPC to Skip.
- Skipping Encounters will increase Stress, regardless.
- Result screen now show how many points the corresponding stat has been raised.
- Fixed several bugs.

========= 07 October 2017 ===================
- Changed the default for Confirm to use A Xbox 360 Button.
- Fixed several bugs.
- Message Auto function has been fixed.
- New Option: Room Camera Movement has been added. This toggles the capability have the camera in the main room to move with your mouse or not.
- Mood functionality had been revamped: Now they increase the stats gained consistently instead of doubling them with a random chance.

========= 28 September 2017 ===================
- Fullscreen freeze period at the start has been reduced.
- Tutorial has been expanded to explain the Schedule Slots.
- Schedule Slots has been added. Now you can save multiple setups for Schedules.
- Updated the musics.

========= 25 September 2017 ===================
- Several text adjustments for cutscene dialogues
- Added a Skip choice for tutorial scenes.
- Pause now defaults to Esc Button for the keyboard.
- VSync now defaults to On.
- Schedules can now have 3 slots to save on.
- Button Configuration can be accessed with Mouse click.
- Schedule now doesn't automatically open when accessed with keyboard or controllers.
- Fixed several graphical glitches.
- Fixed encounter rates for Activities.