[Ciel Devlog #23] Backgrounds & Calendars

Hiya. wltr3565 here. It’s been a long time since we put out our last devlog, huh? Honestly, at this point, we have fewer and fewer things that we can put into the devlog, since the content is very sensitive. But let’s see what I can put out.

Firstly, yes, classic stuff like new cutscenes, new portraits for several NPCs corresponding to their character arc, and many more. But that’s all I can tell you. Any more detailed reports will be considered as SPOILERS! Obviously, we can’t do such a thing here.

However, we can tell you guys that we have remade some of the cutscene backgrounds, such as the Streets.

We have remade the Pool too. Those look better now, don’t you think? For comparison, here are the old ones below.

The old Streets.

The old Pool.

Last but not least, I can tell that we have added a Calendar screen. This is where you can view upcoming events including important dates. It is, of course, not limited to birthdays. Most are filled with national holidays, though.

Sorry for the lack of info, but we really don’t have many visual things to show here. Have a good day!

[Demo Release] Ciel Fledge Alpha 3 Demo

Hi everyone, happy new year! A bit too late but to start this new year, we have released a new alpha demo for you to play.


This new alpha, called alpha 3, contains many stat and gameplay balancing reworks and also a new background graphics for player’s and ciel home.

The demo will run up to 1 year in game time like the previous demo, content-wise there are nothing new except some grammar fixes here and there. We apologize since we are still working on the contents for chapter 2 and 3 so there is nothing much too add.

Feedbacks and critiques are welcome, you can also chat with us directly about the game in our discord channel here: https://discord.gg/yvecEAn

We are also planning to do a kickstarter campaign to help raise fund for the game development at around march this year, if you are interested to support us, you can subscribe to our newsletter here to be notified when the kickstarter campaign start: http://bit.ly/cielnews


The demo can be downloaded here:

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/738270/

itch.io: https://studio-namaapa.itch.io/ciel-fledge

Gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/cielfledge/278287




========= 05 January 2018 ===================

– Spoil will now cost 500 Money by the start of the Week Progress. This Player Schedule will not be usable if the money is insufficient.

– New Option: Encounter Interaction Time-Out has been added. This sets the command that will be chosen if you let the Encounter to wait for too long.

– Schedule interface has been revamped.

– Several illustrations has been replaced including Room backgrounds.

– Spoil now will decrease Stress by 10 for each passing day, but Discipline will decrease by 5 for each passing day as well.

– Skipping Encounters will decrease the Friendship of the NPCs participating within that Encounter.

– Skipping Encounters will increase Discipline, but only if there is any NPC to Skip.

– Skipping Encounters will increase Stress, regardless.

– Result screen now show how many points the corresponding stat has been raised.

– Fixed several bugs.

========= 07 October 2017 ===================

– Changed the default for Confirm to use A Xbox 360 Button.

– Fixed several bugs.

– Message Auto function has been fixed.

– New Option: Room Camera Movement has been added. This toggles the capability have the camera in the main room to move with your mouse or not.

– Mood functionality had been revamped: Now they increase the stats gained consistently instead of doubling them with a random chance.

========= 28 September 2017 ===================

– Fullscreen freeze period at the start has been reduced.

– Tutorial has been expanded to explain the Schedule Slots.

– Schedule Slots has been added. Now you can save multiple setups for Schedules.

– Updated the musics.

========= 25 September 2017 ===================

– Several text adjustments for cutscene dialogues

– Added a Skip choice for tutorial scenes.

– Pause now defaults to Esc Button for the keyboard.

– VSync now defaults to On.

– Schedules can now have 3 slots to save on.

– Button Configuration can be accessed with Mouse click.

– Schedule now doesn’t automatically open when accessed with keyboard or controllers.

– Fixed several graphical glitches.

– Fixed encounter rates for Activities.


[Ciel Devlog #22] Background Graphics Overhaul

Hi everyone, it’s num, in this devlog I want to talk about recent changes in graphic that we have done in the past few weeks. I also want to say happy holidays and happy new year since this will be the last devlog in 2017.

Decision to overhaul the graphics

First of all, I realize that the background graphics are not that awesome, it lacks so many details and refinement and just feel flat in general. Especially the background in player’s home. Aside of quality reason, there is also a lore-related reason. The current player’s home design is designed as a two-story house. Disregarding the limited space of the Ark, average citizens should’t have their own two-story house, they live in the allocated flat and apartment across the residential and business area. You can see this if you observe that in the end turn mode, Ciel’s starting point before she move to various place on the map, is an apartment building. This was entirely my fault since the design come first before the lore. With that in mind, I started to re-design player’s home to resemble more of a flat/apartment room, rather than a two-story spacious house.

Ciel’s starting point in end turn mode.

Re-design Process

The redesign start with imagining what would the flat looks like. Since the player is supposedly living alone before adopting Ciel, I took many references from studio apartment room layout then begin modelling the room in Blender.

I also model all the objects from the old drawing such as end table, desk, and stove to 3d models to fill up the new room.

Converting objects to 3d models, above is the old kitchen background picture, below is the 3d objects from the kitchen.

With all the layout and objects converted to 3d objects, it’s time to get to work to convert them to new background pictures. a bit of playing with render settings and a little bit retouch here and there, and we get a near hand-drawing, 2d-like background:

The new living room background picture.

It’s not that perfect, but I’m quite satisfied with the result.

Finishing and Comparison

Here are some of the comparison of the old and new background pictures:

Living room, old vs new
Kitchen, old vs new
Balcony, old vs new, notice how spacious is the old one compared to the more realistic size new balcony.


That is all for for the devlog, see you in the next devlog entry! A reminder that you can also follow the game development progress on twitter or chat with us directly on our discord server.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/studionamaapa

Discord: https://discord.gg/yvecEAn

[Ciel Devlog #21] Chapter 2 & 3 Content Development

Hi. wltr3565 here.

First of all, a friendly reminder that you can join in Studio Namaapa’s Discord channel to hang out with other fans or chat with us:


You can subscribe to our newsletter too:


Now, for the actual update.

We have done a good lot regarding on building the content for Chapter 2 and Chapter 3, like its story and the NPC’s new looks for corresponding chapters. But we can’t show you any details about it to keep them a surprise…

Instead, we can tell you that we have updated the visuals of Encounter. We have made it to become more chatty, to say the least.

And Activities for Chapter 2 and onwards, some of them will be attended in different areas. Most notably, the Business District. A nice change of scenery, huh? There is no mechanical reason why it works like that, but it’s for the sake of immersion!

Rangers are often deployed at safer areas of the Surface. You know, to keep the kids from killer rabbits and other dangerous animals.

You will see this Airbase quite often. This is where Ciel commutes between the Residential Area and the Business District. Some Activites and Jobs are located in the Airbase too. Most notably military-related jobs.

The Business District, where the people of Ark do business every day. This is where Ciel will do office-related work and activities.

That’s all for today. Bye for now.

[Ciel Devlog #20] Refining The Schedule Sort System

Hi, RikuoTanaka here, yet again bringing you the latest devlog!
Let’s just jump right in with the news, shall we?

The Development Continues!

Yep, that’s right! The development of the game continues to this day. There are still work to be done, after all!
Most features of the game have been implemented, so now it’s more on the content side of things.
And that means cutscenes. A LOT of cutscenes. This will take quite a while, but we are working on it!

Other than that, a new feature has been implemented into the game.
Say hello to the new Schedule Menu Sorting System!

In the previous iteration of schedule interface, you can only sort the activities/jobs based only on the STATS (STR, INT, CHA, IMG, SPI). We realize that with the growing list of activities and jobs card this sort system will not be sufficient anymore, especially considering the basic of sorting type, such as sort by alphabet (A-Z, or Z-A) or sort by pay/cost is absent. We decide to add all those new sort types to make browsing and selecting activities and jobs card easier.

Another addition is the new Social tab, which contains social activities and list every NPCs that your adopted daughter has encountered. With this social activity, increasing the NPCs relationship will be less dependent on random encounters, since you can now focus on which NPC you want your daughter to be “best friend” with. The new social activity comes with its own cost, she will suffer quite a high discipline hit every time she hangs out with a friend and it can only be selected once a week to avoid spamming and player exploit.

In addition to this new feature, we are planning to add more features down the line to make the gameplay experience more enjoyable. Here’s a little teaser:

You can stay in touch with us for more news on the development to come!

That’s it for today’s devlog! This is RikuoTanaka, signing out! Have a nice day!