[Ciel Devlog #03] New (not really) Team Member Approaches!

My Introduction

Hello guys/girls, Rikuo Tanaka here!
Who? You know, the guy that suddenly shows up on the About page?
Without any announcements?
…No? Ok.

Anyways, I work as a programmer here at Studio Namaapa, and I have been working at Ciel Fledge since the development began. It is unusual for a small development team to have 2 programmers instead of just one,
but hey, we’re doing it.
I joined Studio Namaapa back in 2014, after Nusakana has been released (wow, almost 3 years already…).
As I’m writing this, I’m at my last year of college, currently studying for mid term exam (wish me luck).

Technical Stuffs

One of my works for Ciel Fledge consists of managing the parameters for the Actvities in the game.
Basically I have to convert a bunch of numbers (statistics, if you will), into lines of code.
And there are many ways to do this, but sometimes I just can’t decide which one to use, for convenience sake.
This is why I would try different methods just to see which one works best, especially since the structure of the
Activities keep changing throughout the development lifespan.
It is frustrating sometimes, but hey, it’s good experience.
Another work of mine is connected to the User Interface of the Menus, but I will talk about those in my next devlog.

Game Progress!

Enough about me and coding stuffs, I’m sure all of you want to know more about the Ciel’s development! Well, progress has been steady, mostly to replace the old designs with the new ones, and then some.
You have already seen the revamped Schedule Menu 2 weeks ago, so I’m showing you some new stuff, starting with the Child Status Menu!

Main Status PNG Skills PNG

The Child Status Menu can be accessed through the Child Menu.
In this menu, you can keep track of your child’s statuses and skills, so you can plan the strategy for the next week better!
Of course, depending on which activities you choose in the Schedule Menu, certain statuses and skills can increase or decrease.
So choose your activities wisely!
There is also a Traits Menu, but we will get to those later when it’s ready.
The Development Team have also received some feedback regarding the Schedule Menu, so lo and behold!

Blinking GIF

Now the empty entries blink when you first open the Schedule Menu! Makes you want to click them, right?
It’s not much, but it is the little things like this that counts in the long run.

And I guess that is enough from me for today! There are still a lot of things left to be implemented in the game, so please look forward for future devlogs in the coming weeks!
This is Rikuo Tanaka, signing out!

[Ciel Devlog #02] Boneless Chicken Avocado

Yo. wltr3565 here. Boy, it has been so long since I can get back to work again! I really, really regretted my decision to attend college. It has made my life miserable. If you want to have a business about making games, you better never flirt with someone that spits upon entertainment. You’ll hate them, your avocado will hate them, even a boneless chicken avocado won’t have any appetite upon meeting one. Seriously, such people better cease to exist.

Where was I again? Ah, Ciel Fledge’s development. Me, the main programmer, have gained full-time work again. I’d say that we’re gaining momentum of the development once more. At this moment though, we’re currently re-working several interfaces. Numfank pretty disliked the old design. Well, at least the new designs are certainly better.

The re-working mainly focus on making things more streamlined interface-wise. The game isn’t a stale, rigid-looking 4X game, but a colorful cheery raising action puzzle game. We put a plenty much of effort at such parts.

I’d like to draw an artwork in occasion of each new log I write, actually. But I’m still kinda busy despite the hell has been calming down. This is it for now. Bye-cha!

[Ciel Devlog #01] Introduction


Hello, it’s been a while since there are any new posts in the blog section. In fact, throughout 2016 there were only 2 blog posts, both are quite insignificant too. So what’s happening? We are still here, just that we have been heavily sidetracked with “another project” last year and have to put Ciel Fledge, our new game in development into a short hiatus. But thankfully, we are now back to development!

Anyway, let’s get back to our game in development. For those not in the know yet, Ciel Fledge is our take to the old and dying raising sim game popularized by the “Princess Maker” series. Sounds girly enough? not quite, in fact the first iteration of the series is universal enough to be played and enjoyed by everyone and I think that’s why it got really popular. I specifically played Princess Maker 2 a lot when I was younger (the only translated one in the series at that time) and wondering just now why the sequel after 2 and all other “raising sim inspired by Princess Maker” game seems to take turn to be more aimed to girlish audience and lost the grittiness and “humor” of PM2.

Most of all raising sim game, have a basic premise of raising something, anything from a little child to raising a monster. Ciel Fledge have the same basic premise, you will be raising your own (adopted) daughter and guide her from a little girl to adulthood. But she have the choice. In essence, you are not just raising a “cattle” in Ciel Fledge and can’t tell your daughter to do everything you want without question. Your daughter has her own needs, dream and aspiration. It’s up to you how to accomodate her, whether you want to be strict parent or caring parent, it will affect her development to adulthood.

I think that’s all for short introduction into this new devlog, We will try to regularly post the new log at least once or twice a month depending on circumstances. To close the log with, here’s some of Ciel Fledge in-development screenshot we brought to certain event in Indonesia (shout out and thank you to all those who have played our game on the booth and give us valuable feedback!) Thank you and see you in the next devlog! -num

ProjectUna is Ciel Fledge

Hey guys, it’s been a while since we are posting anything here. In the last post we mention projects we are working on, one of them is called #ProjectUna. Now we proudly announce our new working title, previously called ProjectUna. Ciel Fledge!

Learn more about Ciel Fledge in our upcoming devlog post! or follow our twitter for bits of spoiler on the game here: https://twitter.com/studionamaapa


ciel fledge poster 1


#ProjectUna And Another Project?

Hey everyone, what’s up? How’s Studio Namaapa today after the release of Nusakana? Are they just slowly fading away into obscurity? Hell, no! We are very much alive and well and still kicking ass. In fact today, I, Num, want to make an announcement that this year, we are going on to tackle 2 projects at the same time! Not one, but two, folks!

Soo, what are they? Well, if I just tell you the detail now it will be less dramatic isn’t it.

The first project, is something we are working with a fellow Indonesian studio, can’t tell about it now since we are still under non-disclosure agreement. So the first is still top secret until further announcement.

The second project, is another we are also working on, by our own internal good old “now veteran” team, with the help of an intern programmer by the pseudoname of rikuotanakaID. Now this is the one I’m going to tell you folks about.  Let’s call this one tentatively #ProjectUna!


Let me guess what you folks are thinking right now…

“Another god damn fucking RPG in RPG M****r project?”

Tooot, wrong!

The engine we use might be the newest iteration of the infamous, most-often hated, some says satan-incarnate in the form of game engine that nowadays often used by irresponsible noob to flood the market with shitty RPG with its equally shitty stock engine asset. But rest assured, we only utilize the engine, since it’s now apparently a better engine than it was previously. Better yet, it have multi-platform support and written in an actual, working and useful language (unlike the previous with its hipster language).

And NO, it’s not an RPG in the sense of traditional, typical classic RPG with its usual “retro” top-down sprites. It’s something completely new. Inspired by some of our good old favorite games. I won’t disclose anymore info about the project right now since it’s still really early in development. But here’s two screenshot to get you clueless about what the game really is:

Is this the heroine?
Is this the heroine?


The menu bar? Really?
The menu bar? Really?


Well that’s all the announcement there is, welcome #ProjectUna! See you in the next blog post where I might be spilling more info about Una and the other secret project. Thank you for reading, and have a great day!