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[Ciel Devlog #15] Music of Ciel Part 3

(Disclaimer: All of the themes showcased are works in progress) Hello, Fledglings! Jasmine here with another music update for Ciel.   State of the OST Right now, I am working on finalizing music for our demo. All of the final pieces have been sketched, and minus a few edits, are going through their final comb-over…. Read more »

[Ciel Devlog #14] Ciel Fledge at Game Prime 2017

  Last week at 29 – 30 July, we have the opportunity to attend and having a booth to showcase our game in development, Ciel Fledge at a local, long-running gamedev event which now included e-sports tournament for the sake of more visitors and appeals to more mainstream audience.  Nevertheless, we still had a lot… Read more »

[Ciel Devlog #13] Adding More Conveniences and Gamepad Support

Hi again, wltr3565 here, writing a development blog again for you guys! Regarding our current focus, we’re currently preparing for Ciel Fledge’s another demo. We will showcase it in Game Prime 2017 and you guys can play it there. The event will be held at 29th-30th July 2017, which means it’s 2 weeks to go…. Read more »

[Ciel Devlog #12] Music of Ciel Part 2

(Disclaimer: All of the themes showcased are early works in progress) Hello! It’s Jasmine here with another music devlog update. I initially wanted this blog to be about the battle themes, but realized that in doing so, I would be overlooking an important facet in their development. So, instead of talking about the battle themes,… Read more »

[Ciel Devlog #11] UI Change… Wait, Now?

My Absence Last Devlog Hi, RikuoTanaka here, bringing you the latest Devlog! You might notice something weird regarding the writer for this and the previous devlog. I’ll cut to the chase. Yes, I was supposed to be the writer for the previous one, and this one was supposed to be numfank’s turn. But 2 weeks… Read more »