Monthly Archives: April 2017

[Ciel Devlog #07]The Importance and Complexity of User Interfaces

General Development Progress Hi, RikuoTanaka here! Sorry for being a bit late with this devlog, I am busy with exams this week and the previous one. And thanks to that, I have to take a break from development for now. Don’t worry though, as soon as the exams are over, I will jump right back… Read more »

[Ciel Devlog #06] Holy Sword Excalibur -Slice System Up Edition-

Hello again, wltr3565 is here! Back again for writing a devlog for you guys! Let’s ask Excalibur what we have been slicing and splicing in the system.     Icons added, several elements added, etc, etc, more visual aids to ease your number reading. But gladly, we have managed to add more sets of expressions… Read more »