New Project In Development

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since our last post. We took our time after Ciel’s release and decided to go on short hiatus after such a long development cycle, don’t worry we are not missing or anything, in fact we are already back with a new project in development!

Learning from Ciel Fledge Development

Ciel development took about 2 and a half years, it’s dragging for so long because we are doing noob’s mistakes of not knowing when to stop adding features and “biting” too much than we can handle. Sure the development is completed, but in the end, I personally feel that we could do better if from the beginning we have a clear direction of what we want instead of only having a vague vision of what the game is going to be, making the final product lack that special something. I feel like having a burden of failing to deliver the best we can be.

Then again, It’s a valuable learning experience to us. Something that we will implement for our next project.

Upgrading Our Capabilities

Studio Namaapa started from hobbies. Naturally, we picked the easiest engine possible because making game used to be our pastime. We don’t apply common, standard industry practice in our development, making everything looks like a mess from the view point of pros and industry veterans. With experience, comes humility and wisdom. If we don’t adapt we will perish. From the beginning of this year we have starting to learn to be more efficient and adopting common practices in development in order to adapt and be ready from whatever being thrown at us.

So… Is the New Project Ciel Fledge 2?

The new project will have a shorter development cycle, its purpose is to challenge ourselves to make a good game efficiently, with clear directions, using a new engine and new art style. It will serves as some sort of “training” before we are ready for our next big project. So, it will not be Ciel Fledge 2, but rather, something completely different.

I know some of you will be disappointed, but rest assured that we will still be doing the sequel sometimes in the future. Just think of this new project as something that can elevate the next Ciel Fledge to a higher level!

There are plenty of screenshots of the new project I want to share, but I think it’s better to save it for the next devlog since I want this post to be just a short “status” announcement. Please look forward for the next devlog entry, thank you for reading, and stay safe!