[Seaside Devlog #1] What’s’ The Seaside is About?

Hello back again with another development log! This time it’s for an entirely new project, and the first entry of devlog after such a long time here! Now before we start… Please enjoy the teaser of this game from our latest twitter post (When I wrote this entry):

As you can see from the teaser, the game is primarily a lite management game where you start from the ground up until you “conquer” the island.

At first, the plan is to make a game where you directly interact with customers and guess what they want to order according to the weather, events, and their current thought. Then serve what available to serve (that you plan to sell today according to available ingredients in your stock and market).

It’s fun, at first, but later, when your establishment grow bigger, sometimes it can became too stressful and tiring. A contradiction to the vision of “lite management”.

So we decide to include a new gameplay mode where you can just wind down after a tiring day at work as a chef and front line customer service of guessing customer orders, called the Manager Mode.

In this mode, the AI will take over your job of guessing customer orders and serve them accordingly based on your planned menu to serve on that day. The player take a back seat as observer and can enjoy the bustling decorated restaurant and the fruit of their planning before the day starts.

Sounds too imbalanced? Not really, since you are essentially not directly “interacting” with your customers. The restaurant will gain less Reputations in this mode.

Of course when you are done enjoying the vistas of the decorated restaurant and its surrounding, you can always back to take the mantle of chef again in Chef mode.

You can see the Manager Mode teaser in the video below:


And to close this devlog… playing with lighting when its dark:

That’s it for the first devlog entry, thanks for reading and see you in the next!