[Devlog] Preparing for Nusakana release


After almost 3 month of absent on the devlog, here’s our newest post, hopefully this will be the last devlog before our release, this is a log from wltr3565, the programmer, since he doesn’t have access to the admin page to post on his own, I will be posting his log on my behalf. ~num

Yo. wltr3565 here. Hahaha, sorry for our VERY lack of updates lately. You know, we’re busy making the game ready for you guys… This little game of ours already became a 30+ hours behemoth now. We need to clean the game up before it’s gold.

The game is expected to release at around the end of September. The price itself is estimated to be around 15$, but it still can change. Before then, please be patient! Oh, of course we’ll put up some screenshots.

We’ve added so much things like Flily’s flying (for fast traveling) and most of the endings. And yes, it’s been a hell in that 3 month span. This is what you get from making an open world game where you can have 19 heroines, especially dialogue conflicts and even the credits roll. Sheesh!

We’ve implemented the sidequests and optional bosses as well. The bosses are mostly based on Indonesian lore… Well, the best is to see them yourself 


flily_01 flily_02 flily_03 ss_bn

That’s all for now. Catch you all later!

[Devlog] Redesigning the menu (Again)

Hello everyone! We meet again for another devlog! Today let’s talk about menu redesign. Well, if you followed our devlog since we are starting at blogger site, you might noticed that we have already doing a redesign for the menu several times. Why though? In the previous redesign we feel that the menu is too bland it deserved a redesign but this time… Well, the main reason this time is to correct our fatal mistake… When we first starting the menu design, the game is made in 4:3 screen ratio, meaning that any attempt to play the game in widescreen ratio (16:9 / 16:10 ) will make the screen either stretched (which is very ugly) or limited by black bars around the center of the screen. This is unacceptable, and we realize it too late in development. Nothing can be done, but redesign and building the menu screen again from scratch.

Having to redesign the menu again actually gave us several idea to improve and adding those small little things that make navigating the menu easier. It’s really a pain at first, but there is a joy in the end. Here is how it looks now:

The main menu screen, now with quest menu button, and game configuration menu button. The quest menu will contain logs of randomly generated quest that you can take (which I will talk about in the next devlog) and config menu that let you tweaks some in-game setting like volume, etc.


This is the item/item use menu. Adapting it to wide screen and give a sort command, for fast browsing and item usage.


The newly revamped party formation menu, now featuring the characters battle role and their passive skill explanation/effect.


The status menu, re-arranging the menu to give more clear information of the stats


The equip menu, nothing really changed except the layout of the player stats window


The island map menu only display island map/player location nothing changed but its size to accomodate widescreen, while the encyclopedia menu is still work in progress. That’s about it for today’s devlog.

Release when? (or when will the game is going to be finished!!!)

This is probably a question that a lot of you probably want to ask or want to know. Well as much as we want to say “when it’s done” we actually have a planned release date, that is this month aka in May. But because of certain circumstances we need to delay it. Now our estimated release date is pushed to July, or as late as August. We really want to push the quality in Nusakana, so it’s better to wait for a while than to release it in its current, buggy, need-to-be-tested-thoroughly state. And no, we don’t want Nusakana to end up in Early Access™, because we don’t want people to pay to beta test our game!


[Devlog] Character Bio: Delphi

Yo. wltr3565 here. numfank’s being too tired to write this week’s character bio weekly, so I’ll do the job now. Nusakana has a plethora of heroines here, so meet Delphi, the scanner. The sketch below is numfank’s work, of course.

design sheet delphi

Her design and prowess is based on dolphins. Well, dolphins are known to have the smarts, aren’t they? Thus, we give her smarty looks with real smartness. And well, isn’t she adorable? I do think she’s several steps closer to look nerdy. But her habits and needs state otherwise. We packed her with exploration gear instead by giving her a satchel and uh… short skirt one piece. Why such a costume…? Her earlier version of outfit is considered very risque, so numfank revised her outfit. Hope he’s designed what’s inside her skirt already! Let’s pray he chose something proper for her!


Of course she’s one of the available party members. She tends to be a loner for several reasons. But hey, she needs privacy to focus. Is it the best, though? No matter how good are her brains, she’s still a person who needs some social interaction. Her favorite object to serve are wild animals, and books provide bare minimum for that. Ha, no wonder she doesn’t stay at the village that often… No one can be sure when her curiosity will run out.


Oh yeah, her fighting prowess… Hahaha… Let’s be honest, she’s more useful as a support than punching straight on, thanks to her ability to scan enemies. The number of HP left of your enemy will be important to know when they’ll call it quits, I know. Still… the others do give you straight combat benefits. Hmm… Let her scan, or let the others beef you up instead? Being used with the wilds, she knows how to minimize damage as much as she could, and thanks to her small frame too, let’s say she’s easy to graze hits. But she’s not used with dealing magical damages. Watch out for spellcasters here. Lastly, her offense. Hmm, better trust her magical prowess (ironic, huh?). She can muster all elements available. Pretty handy! Still, I know you guys will just use her to scan instead.

I think that’s all for now. Catch ya all later! And excuse me, I should go back working on the cutscenes… Thanks for reading!

[Devlog] Character Bio: Rain

Hi it’s me again, Num, for weekly Nusakana’s character bio. Today we will discuss about another less known character, with equally less artwork drawn by me.

design sheet rain

So Rain, yeah rain… Why Rain? Actually it’s not a random name, but a name inspired by “fish”. Most of Nusakana’s characters name is inspired by “fish name”, like last week character name, “Sal”. Guess what fish it is inspired from? Yep, it’s a Sal-mon. And how about Rain? It’s really easy to guess, since her hair color is a given, a rainbow color. So Rain’s name is taken from Rain-bow trout, and so does her design in a way, I colored her hair with various color to make it looks like a rainbow. Aside from name, there is no relation whatsoever between the fish and character unless for a few exception, since the game theme is fishing and island, I just like the idea of having a subtle, fish inspired name for the various characters.



In the game, Rain is one of recruitable characters you can add to your party. She is a playful but really materialistic character that will always find a chance to manipulate you and take your shiny, most prized belongings such as treasure and *ehm* money. While she actually mean no harm to you and doing it just for the thrill and fun, her bad habit can be detrimental sometimes. She has a knack for treasure and rare items and can always be found lurking in the jungle searching for them, or “manipulating” adventurers and explorers to search it for her. Her manipulation skills is further assisted by her magical ability to make people forget about her and what she did to them. Will she changed her way with a chance meeting with the main character in the game? That’s for you to decide.



While she looks a bit weak and not suited for physical conflict, she can actually fight and help you in battle. Though with a sloppy fighting style and less damage than any other stronger, fit for fighting characters. To compensate for this she has a potent magical ability and may inflict moderate damage using magic attack. Her passive skills also help any other female character in the game immune to being targeted by the enemy. A bit useless at a glance but you can exploit her ability by buffing the MC’s defense as a tank while using the other female character as a damage dealer against hard hitting enemy.

That is all for this week characters bio, see you in the next week and thank you for reading our devlog!

[Devlog] Character Bio: Sal

In an announcement in the past (at the #2 Greenlight announcement to be precise), I’ve talked about including the character bios and design alongside the development at the devlog. Though due to circumstances, it got delayed but here it is! I’ll try to continue posting them regularly at least weekly.

design sheet sal Let’s start with the less known character, Sal. When I first designed her, the overall concept is martial arts girl. I want to make some unique characters utilizing the martial arts girl trope, which is usually dominated by a slender, asian-looking characters, with exotic martial arts style. With that in mind, I started to think, let’s make a completely different looking characters from the usual trope, so I swap the ‘must-be-asian-looking’ girl rule to a caucasian girl with blond hair and blue eyes, and a busty one too at that. And there you have it. Though, later I realize that this style is not so unique… There is already a popular character similar to this, like, for example Cammy from Street Fighter haha.
In the game, Sal is a martial arts enthusiast, she is pursuing his dreams to be the best martial artist and can always be seen training alone deep in the forest. Never have studied under a master or any other martial arts style, she is a self-taught martial artist, her style is very rough but it did have a grace. Nobody understand her reasoning, she also seems really clueless about it too. All that she knows is only to be the best. Though things starting to change when she met the main characters, and another martial artist.

She has a reckless, blunt personality and a strong determination. This is also portrayed with her unique fighting skills that sacrifice her hitpoints for more damage against the enemy.

Well, that’s for the first character’s bios or a digest probably. See you in the next week for another character bios!