[Ciel Devlog #06] Holy Sword Excalibur -Slice System Up Edition-

Hello again, wltr3565 is here! Back again for writing a devlog for you guys! Let’s ask Excalibur what we have been slicing and splicing in the system.


Icons placed beside the gauges.


Icons added, several elements added, etc, etc, more visual aids to ease your number reading. But gladly, we have managed to add more sets of expressions for the characters. I really like numfank’s work here. However, his work is far from done!

Just changing faces won’t do justice!


Oh yeah, some minor stuffs too, like, Ciel won’t be just hanging out in the same room all the time again. But to be frank, this doesn’t add much. There are plans to add more, but urgh, please, no more!


Peek-a-boo. Where is she?


It’s about time for us to really prepare for the content, though. It’s the real meat of the game, after all. Bye-cha.